Cybersecurity is a process.

As threats evolve over time, as hackers find new ways to bypass safeguards, and as new vulnerabilities are found over time, new methods of protecting systems, networks, and data are devised to not only combat these, but to future proof as far into the future as possible. This, however, is an iterative process that requires review, updating, and training on a regular basis.

The Uniserve approach to cybersecurity takes into account that things change and is always updating to make sure that the best practices and most relevant information is always in play. Our trainers are constantly at the top of their game, learning about the newest social engineering threats, how to stop them, and how to overcome them. Our technical teams are directly patched into the latest news, resources, training, and threat intelligence from around the world. 

We understand the threat landscape and we have the tools, training, knowledge, and processes to help you protect your business.

Did you know?


of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing


of companies’ folders are not properly protected, on average

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Being an office of only 7 people, we figured we were too small to be worried about cyber threats. We had a Uniserve techie in to take a look at our wireless as we were having problems with it all day and our regular IT guy was out of town. Well, Uniserve determined we were under attack, were able to stop the attack, reconfigured everything so that it wouldn't happen again. We've now signed up and are about to start their training course because we've realized, no one is too small. Abigail Klein, Insurance Industry

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