A cybersecurity incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing a cybersecurity breach or cyber attack.

Through well thought out and methodical investigation, backed by decades of combined experience, and decisive actioning, a well executed incident response aims to do the following:

  • Reduce recovery time and cost
  • Limit the damage from a cybersecurity breach or attack
  • Stop the attack from continuing or spreading so that affected systems can be patched and backups can be restored

A good incident response does not only fix the issue at hand, but categorizes it, answers the question of “why did it happen?”, and provides recommendations to alleviate it happening again.

At Uniserve we don’t abandon you once the incident is resolved, we continue to provide you the technical expertise and support through the entire remediation life cycle. Once resolved, our team can assist in updating your incident response plan based on lessons learned and certify that your environment is clear of the threat via a post-incident cybersecurity compromise assessment.

Did you know?


of reported incidents are phishing attacks


of malicious email attachments are office files

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Being an office of only 7 people, we figured we were too small to be worried about cyber threats. We had a Uniserve techie in to take a look at our wireless as we were having problems with it all day and our regular IT guy was out of town. Well, Uniserve determined we were under attack, were able to stop the attack, reconfigured everything so that it wouldn't happen again. We've now signed up and are about to start their training course because we've realized, no one is too small. Abigail Klein, Insurance Industry

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