All businesses should have a cybersecurity program / incident response guide. This the playbook that the internal team should use to determine the severity of a cyber breach or attack, the process to follow depending on the systems being attacked, the notification structure, and the escalation path.

By investing the time to build out a proper cybersecurity program up front, that time can save future time, resources, costs, and heartache as there should be clear and concise delineation of rolls, tasks and responsibilities to be able to handle the worst of cyber breaches. A good program will go so far as to have health checkpoints which should be followed up with weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. This ensures that staff know what to do, that backups have been tested and are working correctly, that new equipment or changes to the environment have been factored in to the plan.

The cybersecurity program should be a living guide that always updates based on when changes are made to the environment – whether that is adding new staff members who need training on taking an active role when a crisis happens, when a new computer is introduced to the environment, or even when new applications are installed.

With decades of combined experience, Uniserve is able to provide the best customized cybersecurity program to fit your business. We work with you to create the program, keep it up to date, train your staff on its use and how to report and escalate issues. Simply put, we train you to be the first line of defense in protecting your business from cybersecurity threats.

Did you know?


organizations do not have an incident response plan

50 days

is the average amount of time lost to a malware attack

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